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Interesting Tricks and Tips for Adobe Illustrator CC

Md. Zobaer Hossain Tokder

Md. Zobaer Hossain Tokder

Principal Graphic Designer, MazeGeek Inc.

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Interesting Tricks and Tips for Adobe Illustrator CC

Now a days every graphic designer must use Adobe Illustrator cc 2017 for show their creativity. But they don't know some excellent feature of Adobe Illustrator cc 2017. Adobe created some feature for designing more comfortable, easy and smoothly. Here are some tips and tricks anyone can try this.

1. Transform and Rotate:

This is a very useful tips. First we need to create a new document.

Press Ctrl+D while selected circle copy. Now select two circles using selection Tool and hold Shift+Alt drug downside.

You will get a new copy of all circle now select all of this circle and press Ctrl+D you can press multiple time as you want what to do. Then we get a nice pattern within a very short time.

Create a circle using rectangle circle tool.

Select circle and hold Shift+alt key and drug your desire place. It will be create a copy of first circle.

Now press Ctrl+D while selected circle copy. You can see automatic create a new circle copy at the same distance.You can press multiple time by pressing Ctrl+D. In This session I press multiple times.

Now select first all circles row and press Shift+Alt and drag this at downside as you see my screenshot. Now we see another circle row created.

Now Select 2nd row and press Ctrl+D as your choice you can press multiple time. Here you find a circle pattern is created. Now you can easily create pattern using this tricks.

2. Rotate Tricks:

Create a circle and find center point using guide tools. Press Shift+Alt key and drag it up at top of the main circle. Please be careful that another circle should same center point of first circle. Press Shift+Alt and make 2ndcircle smaller than main circle.

Select smaller circle and hit Rotate tool. Press and hold alt key and hit center point of main circle. A new pop up menu open and select or write at rotate angle box check preview and you will see what happens. You can rotate that smaller circle by changing angles value.

Now I change the rotate angle value 45 degree and click copy. It will be copy of a new circle which has 45 degree angle.

Press Ctrl+D  six (6) times while selecting that new circle. You find a nice small rotate angles which rounded by a big circle.

3. Polygon Shape Tricks:

Clcik polygonal shape tool and press Down Arrow or up arrow on your keyboard then whole shape corner will change easily. You can use this tricks

4. Live Shape Corner Radius:

This is very useful tricks of illustrator cc 2017.You need to radius shape corner right ? yes in this tricks you can radius your any shape corner. To do that draw a shape using rectangle tool.

You can see a small circle around the shape. Hold you mouse and move that circle down your image look like :

You can more move the circle for radius corner. Its easy and user friendly.Try this.

5. Align Tricks:

Create some up side down shape. As like below this image.

Now select all shape and click middle vertical align center.

Your shape look like following below:

Now click Horizontal distribute center.

Final Word:

Learn and use these tricks & tips for Adobe Illustrator cc that will make your work simple & smooth. Keep practice regularly to master them all.

Thanks for reading. Comment below if you have any question.