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How to Submit ThemeForest HTML Website Templates?

Razu Ahmed

Razu Ahmed

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How to Submit ThemeForest HTML Website Templates?

ThemeForest is a great way for a web designer to get passive income. We have been gaining experience in the process of publishing and promoting templates which we are ready to share with you in this article. This article contains instructions for preparing the document for ThemeForest submission.

Name & Description

The name and description of your product and its components must be accurately described. Both should provide relevant information so that consumers can easily find products that meet their needs.

We suggest using this awesome tool to build definition for your model, which allows you to see your text with the markdown added. The thing is that Themeforest does not have any built-in tools to edit your markdown description.

The name field should always look appropriate, descriptive and professional. Examples of good and poor naming strategies are as follows:


  • This is the File Name” –Capitalize the first letter in each word.
  • Small words like “of” and “an” may be lowercase.


  • THIS IS NOT ok- Not all CAPS should be used.
  • This is not appropriate as well "–Do not use all lowercase.
  • Beautiful File "or" Best File"– Do not use fantastic, great, or best subjective terms. Such words describe your view as opposed to what the file is.
  • User9909 – File Name" – Do not add your username to the file name or any other information that is less relevant.

All elements of your main file must be described accurately in your report. Make sure that you mention if anything shown in the preview is not included in the main.zip and note if any of the main elements are rasterized, outlined or otherwise uneditable.If you use non-standard fonts in your product, your explanation should record such fonts.

You should not include references to rival external services on your own website, including items for sale.

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Key Features

Only 3 text fields are available. The text put here will be shown in the search results list on the model card next to the« Preview Image».

The key features of your model should be put here. For example, what type of grid is used, the total amount of pages you designed, does your template has detailed docs and so on.


Image Preview

Build your preview file with a 590x300 JPG .zip format. Make sure that your sample image represents your file accurately. There must be no logos or photographs of celebrities in your preview photo.


Build your thumbnail with an 80x80 JPG, PNG or GIF. Make sure that your image reflects your folder accurately. Your thumbnail image (and/or avatar image) should not include any celebrity trademarks or photos.

Furthermore, you are not allowed to add any official Envato Market graphic resources artificially to your thumbnails, such as group badges or trending items. This is perceived as "process gambling" and operates against our terms and conditions.

Main File

Save your main files, including all instructions, in a .zip folder.


Documentation is a very important part of your model because, without it, Themeforest does not accept templates for sale. In particular, you can present the documents in any suitable format. PDF, DOCX, TXT or even HTML files could be used.


You should pay attention to this area because based on these keywords, a consumer will locate your template. Properly chosen tags will help the sales increase. If you are unable to properly pick labels, we suggest that you copy some of them from competitor templates.

Tags should be lowercase, spelled correctly (using American Standard English) separated by commas and should relate to your product, its features, and potential uses. For each object, do not use the same tags. Each tag must be appropriate to the object to which it is being added.

Note: Tags can be more than one word, for example. "Community service" or "cross-media program."

Reviewer Note

Enter any relevant information that you wish to send to the reviewer. You must provide a scanned version of a filled-out and signed model or location release when using images that contain recognizable human faces or private locations.

Also, under the "Comments" section, do not forget to tick the checkbox.


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ThemeForest is one of the premier parts of the Envato Market. It is a fantastic platform to sell HTML templates for websites. With ThemeForest, you can easily access amazing themes for CMS like  WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Because of ThemeForest’s popularity, it has become the place for theme developers. Now many of the developers may not know how to submit ThemeForest HTML website templates and I hope these points will ensure that your submissions are perfect.

Follow the list above to make sure that nothing goes wrong in the process. After you are done going through the steps you will see that the submission is completed. With that, the completion of this discussion comes at hand.

Let us know in the comments below if you like the content or not and send us your suggestions on what we should cover next. We look forward to your replies so do keep sending them. Thank you for your time and goodbye.