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Best 9 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for 2019

Shahriar Haque

Shahriar Haque

Shahriar is Digital Marketing Strategist at MazeGeek, Inc. His responsibility includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords and Analytics for designated projects.

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Best 9 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for 2019

Are you a business owner or a marketing manager or want to follow the trends of E-commerce? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to know all about future trends & be on the top. At first, it may become confusing for the overload of information about SEO. There are lots of tips and tricks list for SEO. Don't get confused because SEO is straight forward; you have to be updated and follow some simple steps. Here are Best 9 vital Search Engine Optimization Tips to follow to improve SEO:

1. Optimizing your site for mobile devices: All your site have to be mobile friendly. You need to analyze your site speed & performance across all devices. Now the users are spending more time on mobile devices. This is very important now to optimize your sites speed for mobile devices. If your site speed is better on mobile devices, you will get more traffic & more traffic means more chances for profit.

2. Focus on users not keywords: Keyword research is essential for SEO. But only searching the high volume keyword is not enough. You have to think like your user. Have to understand his/her intention for the search. When you find the purpose of your users searching, then you can optimize your site more specifically.

3. Don't be a robot: Always remember the human element when you are optimizing your site. Only keywords with good search volume will give you more traffic, but to the expected success you are looking for. Think from the user's end when writing content. Contents have to be a mixture of relevance & interest. When you will be able to understand the thoughts of the users then focus on optimization — no need to use lots of keywords in our content to rank in the search engines. When the quality of your content increases, it will automatically increase your search traffic.

4. Analyzing existing traffic: Still confused from where to start? Don't worry there's always a way to start. Find your best ranking pages and keywords. Which pages are giving you more traffic, which keywords are ranking high in your content? Analyze these posts and update with the best options. This will lead your site one step ahead from the new sites.

5. Know the changes: There goes a proverb "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." ― Dr. Seuss

SEO is also like that always have to be updated about the trends. Both for beginners & professionals it is mandatory to read about the latest updates and apply them to optimize the site.

6. Acknowledge the ranking factors: As mentioned before always have to be updated, you can start from learning the ranking factors the help to increase your position in search engine. From site speed to keyword research, quality content to analyzing traffic each are important knowing how they affect your ranking is a must.

7. Ensuring quality UX: User experience nowadays plays a significant role in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Now search results are getting personalized with the progress of Google. As like the content UX needs to be more appealing to the users to engage more traffic. The site needs to be balanced with great content and better UX. For this run test on your website and solve the issues and warnings that harms your user experience.

8. Linking social media & SEO: Social signals are not one of the ranking factors but still helps increase ranking. Nowadays social media is a vital part of our life.

SEO & Social Media Link

Social media is mainly used to create brand value.  Now Google is showing search answers using social results to be more specific. So have to keep in mind that now search results are not limited.

Also, social media have their search engine like YouTube is used for visual answers and Facebook, Twitter is used for searching for a news event or person. So, the habit of searching is changing; that's why we have to ensure that someone can find your content on various platforms.

9. Voice search: Voice search will become a popular trend in 2020. Already 1n 2019 people are using voice search. In the voice search, people are using long questions and phrases. So you have to understand the users and optimize the site from their end. It's only the beginning of voice search, still, have time to implement it on your website comparing text command and voice command. Need to think more about the users to implement the changes.

Voice Search Statistics

To sum up
SEO is not that much hard. Step by step optimization can lead you to success. Just always need to be updated and have to think from the user end.

SEO is the best way to improve your business both B2B and B2C. Through SEO the success rate is higher than any other traditional ways. Organic SEO is very important for business success. Hopefully these SEO tips help you to get the desired success in your business through ranking high in search engines.