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Why Hiring A Remote Development Team is Good for Your Business



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Why Hiring A Remote Development Team is Good for Your Business

The world is fast transforming into a digital playground. Every single sector is converting to a digital medium. Any new business that comes into the market is digitally integrated. This boom in the need for technological integration in business has created a huge demand for development teams.

Recruiting a development team may be a costly affair with the recruiter or agency recruitment fee. In the US, the average recruitment fee in the IT sector is 20% which can become a hefty sum depending on your requirements.

But looking for a development team on your own can become detrimental to your business’s development as your focus will be divided. So we made an extensive basics list of things you should know in the process of development team hiring.

Advantages Of A Remote Development Team

If you are creating a software development team from Silicon Valley then adding a single member may end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes even millions. This cost becomes a huge expense and oftentimes impossible for startups to carry. This is why hiring a remote development team. You can easily get a development team without losing quality at all.

Sometimes you can even have a better team than building a local team. There are a few pros to using a remote development team. One of the pros of hiring a remote team is the significant amount you can save. The cost saving is a big thing if you are only starting out your business venture. Also getting the needed expertise easily is a big part.

The first two accumulates to the third and one of the biggest perks of getting a remote development team. This trait is the flexibility they offer. In the following passages, we will be discussing how hiring a remote development team can help you in your business.

Growth At A Lower Cost

Hiring quality development team ensures that the growth of your business is steady and solid. Now if you are creating a development team by hiring from a remote location then it would also be cost-effective. You can easily build your very own development team from anywhere in South-East Asia.

This is a region filled to the brim with talent and the talents have the hunger and the will to work and develop. Bangladesh is one of those countries with a burgeoning generation of talented developers and engineers. They are usually as qualified as their western counterparts if not better in some areas. But they come at a much more cost-effective solution.

The output is the same if not better with a significant depletion in charges. If you have a business that you are starting or some other startup you will know that even a 10% saving from expenses is a huge deal. This way you can invest in other areas of the business.

With the money, you save you can easily put better effort into your marketing and sales unit which will bring in some cash flow. This, in turn, will help your business to grow effectively while saving you money.

Required Output And Team Growth

Hiring a remote team for software development saves a lot of money. This is because hiring a software developer locally can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whereas a developer from South-East Asia with the same experience and expertise will only cost you around 20-40 thousand dollars.

This gap in expenditure means that you can hire more developers with the money saved. Making your development team larger this means that they can provide more output without dropping the quality.


This is a great tool to have this day and age. Having a remote development team means that the development process for your business is much more robust and adaptable. One of the major advantages of having a remote team is the fact that they won’t be affected by problems in the local office.

This is because of their offshore status. Now if you have all of your developers situated in an offshore location then the development process goes unhindered. Another amazing advantage of having an offshore team is access after hours. While your local US office sleeps the development team will be there to handle any urgent issues or last-minute changes that may need doing.

This adaptability to adverse situations makes your business more sturdy and flexible enough to withstand and weather storms that otherwise would have caused a lot of damage.

Having Access To Amazing Talents with Rare Skills

Within the US finding the right developer who is sufficiently qualified and has the specific skill set you require is a daunting task. Now building a team with individuals like this is even harder. However, finding the top talents with rare skill sets is much easier abroad than in the US.

If your business requires the use of some unpopular, rare, or new language or framework then the odds are you will find better talents abroad. Especially in South-East Asian countries which have seen a massive boom in software development engineers.

Now hiring a remote app or web development company that fits your business and has the right skill set is a sure-fire way to get the best output. This is one way of ensuring you get quality and with the expenditure being cost-effective. This concludes our discussion on why a remote development team hiring is the right path for you. Now we will go into how you will hire the developers.

How Do You Hire A Remote Software Development Team

Setting up a remote development team is a daunting and arduous challenge for someone who is starting a business. Especially because of the need for compatibility, cooperation, and understanding required from both parties.

However, you can do this without any problems arising and it won’t take much of your time in the long run. This is why we have made a checklist for you so that finding your dream team becomes that much easier. So what are the points you need to look at? The following are the list of things you need to do:

  • Understanding whether you need to outsource or out staff
  • Choosing the region for the development team
  • Communication
  • Time convenience
  • Checking Experience
  • Checking developer credentials
  • Checking legal information
  • Having your lawyer check the terms of agreement/payment terms

So these are the points that you need to take care of. Let's discuss in detail about the points in the checklist.

Understanding Whether You Need To Outsource or Out-staff

So a vital step in setting up a remote development team is to understand whether you need to outsource or out-staff. Outsourcing basically means you employ a software development company. That software firm will employ a team of their own according to the technical requirement you provide.

This often turns out to be more expensive than out-staffing development. Outsourcing is a good solution if you are doing a one time project or if you other short-term projects. Out-staffing is the best possible option if you are looking to develop a product for your business.

This is when you would need a development partner. MazeGeek offers development partner solutions that you can take up to help you develop a digitized business with the latest technologies.

Choosing The Region For The Development Team

It’s a given that if you have a business then you already know what technologies you want to use. However, not all regions can provide you with the best. You need to check the regions and the established companies within the region to find the best-suited development partner.

Often times you will see that qualified developers cost more locally than in other countries. Which is why you should consider the cost-effectiveness of the region as well.


You have a great offshore development team but all that talent and time is wasted if you cannot communicate. When you are tasked with development team hiring you should ensure that the English skill level of the team is up to standard.

If you cannot communicate your idea and if you do not understand your team’s feedback then all the effort will amount to time and resources wasted.

Time Convenience

Just because you have an offshore team doesn’t automatically mean that you are all good. If the time-zone isn’t that comfortable for you see that you won’t be able to offer proper guidance and maintain a proper chain of communication then odds are it will all break down.

There are many software development companies that offer 24/7 support. Make sure that you choose a development company that will be able to offer you that.

Checking Experience

There is no point in choosing a development team if they have no experience in your field. When hiring a offshore web or mobile app development company or just their development team, make sure that the personnel has ample experience with projects similar to yours. This way you can avoid any technical problems in the future.

If you have a development team that does not deal or have not dealt with products similar to yours then meaningful development can hit a wall. Finding solutions to problems will become harder and often times you will they will not be able to fulfill your requirements.

Check the portfolio of the company very well. Contact the clients as well to understand what they are like. This way you can avoid falling into an expensive mistake like many others have already.

Checking Developer Credentials

Your potential development partner may say that they have qualified development personnel for your brand. That does not mean that they do. Whenever you are choosing your development partner ask for credentials and certifications of the team members.

This is because you need to ensure that the dream of yours don’t get massacred by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Check the credentials and see if they match your requirements for the team. After that, you can proceed.

This is considered part of technical due diligence. When you have a development partner in mind you should always check their legal information. Find out if they are officially registered or not. On top of that, find out if they have any lawsuits against them as well.

If you find that they do then it is best if you don’t proceed with the partnership. Doing this will ensure that you avoid further legal troubles in the future. This is a very important step as not doing this can lead to your entire business being in jeopardy.

Having Your Lawyer Check The Terms of Agreement/Payment Terms

This is an important step. If you are well-versed in legal matters it is imperative that you have your lawyer check the contract. This way you can avoid future troubles. Make sure that your lawyer carefully examines the papers and makes you understand the terms as well.

If you are uncomfortable put the contract under revision. Have your lawyer draw up a favorable contract so that both parties can sign. This is how you ensure that the development team is transparent and fair in your dealings with you.

Go Digital

A business takes a long time to grow. It takes a lot of effort, time, and capital to build from scratch. If you want to build an in-house development team then it may slow down your growth. This is why you should consider hiring a remote development team for your business. This alternate method is cost-effective and is a great way to maximize returns in profitability.

Make sure that you follow all the steps before making your decision. So there you those are the reasons why hiring a remote development team is good for your business. If you follow these steps then you will easily be able to find good companies who has a suitable service for you. While these are the basic things you should additionally know about the process and have a detailed plan of how to proceed.

Make sure that the company you choose knows what you want. Also, make sure that they can relay information to you properly. With that being said I will close the curtains for today. Please let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions so that we can tailor the content more to your liking. Your thoughts are important to us so let us know how we can improve as well. Till next time, See Ya!