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How to Organize the Web with Better UI/UX Design

Tanzil Ahamed

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How to Organize the Web with Better UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is becoming more important for organizing a website and giving a good feel to the users. In this article we will discuss on how to create a better User Interface (UI) using the User Experience (UX).

Human instinct:

For businesses with websites, understanding the human need for control offers a powerful tool for enhancing customer experience. Every customer’s has their target websites.

So when we are going to making a website First we need to know about the business plan. And also need to study who are the users of this business. I need to design our web based on those people.And also have to understand what the user wants from us.

Managing Expectations:

when customers visit their websites, the expectation factor is also very much at play. If you present your visitors with an experience that strays too much from what they want, they will end up feeling a loss of control and will perform actions – clicking pause on a video, perhaps, or in the more extreme, exiting the page entirely – in order to return the feeling of control to their hands.

In order to manage this tussle over control between websites and visitors, it’s important to also understand the power of perceived control. Visitors like to think they are in charge of their actions. When a video plays without visitors initiating any interaction, they feel the opposite.

If a visitor feels that a website is trying to “sell” them something, or push them into viewing certain content without permission, they will resist by trying to take back the interaction and intentionally avoid that content. This occurs deep within our subconscious and triggers biochemical prod’s that are part of a primitive neurological mechanism.

                                       An Irritated User

Great UI:

People want some great view, they like to play with it. A great view can attract anyone. That's a great thing. Some time a great UI can make your mind fresh. So make your website fresh and also user friendly.

People doesn’t like unnecessary things in their web. So avoid all those things which is not necessary. So that people can easily find what they need. User will be happy for that. That's why we need to maintain all those things.

SEO-Friendly Keywords:

Many people doesn't know about your existing web. Those people search with keyword’s. They use those kind of words which is needed.

So you need to organize your keyword which is really help you to get more visitors.It will be a great things for web. So make research on them and set them on web. It help you for getting more visitors. On the under hand it also user friendly.

Final Word:

Those are the very basic factors about users when you design a website. These basics of UI/UX is very important which every graphic artist should know.

Comment bellow & tell us about your experience on UI/UX design.