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Key Traits to Look for in a Mobile App Development Company



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Key Traits to Look for in a Mobile App Development Company

Communication and keeping up with the world is now the easiest thing in the world due to your mobile phone. People can know and get anything from anywhere. This has changed the entire way human society functions forever. Nowadays, businesses and service providers are focusing more and more on mobile and moving away from the PC based business.

Any good businessman knows that in order to get the maximum returns they need to invest in a mobile-centric business. So many companies are making sure that whatever service they provide they are also able to scale those services to mobile phones through apps. Now not every business needs a development team and frankly, if you are starting out in a business you cannot afford one.

So what do you do? You hire a mobile app development company of course! But how do you know which company is best? Well, there are some traits that you can look into to find out if the mobile app development company is good or not. Now, if you are looking for the best mobile app development companies in the world on the internet then you are bound to get a lot of hits.

This does not mean that those companies are perfect for your business. Even the best companies in the world may not be able to provide you with the service you need. But you may find a relatively small development company providing you with the best service.

So what makes a mobile development company great? The following passages are some of the traits that you need to look for when searching for a mobile app development company.

Choosing The Type of Development Partner You Need

Choosing the type of mobile app development company is imperative to getting the best result for the business. Usually, there are four types of development companies for mobile apps. Each will be discussed below.

End-to-end mobile app creation:

So there are a few stages to mobile app development. The stages are strategy, design, development, and post app marketing maintenance. There are companies that offer the full package for businesses that wants these services. If you are a startup or a SMB then you may need all of the support that is there since you are unable to supplement a development team yourself.

What I often see is that businesses, in order to cut down on cost, hire off-shore companies that are not specialized in the sector. This is followed by bad advice that harms the business potential. This happens because many off-shore companies don’t have the right personnel to offer you the full extent of the services they need.

It is better to know beforehand what type of services you require so that you can choose wisely. So first make sure you go through a list of verified well-reputed end to end mobile app development company.

After that verify if they have the right personnel and specialists to take care of your needs. Then choose whichever company you think best fits your criteria.

Design & Development:

So you have made all the Spec documents for the app. You have laid out a solid plan on how it will work. You are done with all the research and have mapped out everything from the competitive landscape, your marketing plans, user personas, to the core functionality of your minimum viable product.

You have your requirements are done and also the business plan. The only thing that you need is assistance with design and development. So you just need a company that will help develop the app and design it as well according to your specification. When choosing a company for UX/UI design make sure you choose a company where you are getting the development services as well.

This is because a coherent look is essential for the app to function efficiently. The two teams, design, and development need to work in tandem as the development team needs to execute the design requirements perfectly. Remember this can make or break the business idea so put extra care when doing this. Another thing to remember when choosing a UX/UI design company is to see if they have specialists.

If the company thinks that design is just an afterthought, then you are better off without them. The design will be the aesthetics of your business and it needs specialists and special approaches that will determine how the prospective visitor feel when using the app.

This is why as I said when hiring a design team make sure it comes from the development company. A good mobile app development company will have a dedicated art director and a UX/UI designer for your app development.

Just Design:

Well, you may have the MVP or minimum viable product ready already and you need to test the prototype. Or Maybe your partner who is also the CTO of the company is able to handle the development side. For this, you just need the service of a UX/UI team.

When this happens make sure you choose a company that has an established reputation with clients. Also, make sure that you are verifying the reviews for the company.

Development Only:

If you have the designs and the plan ready, then you are almost on your way to the finished article. All you need is the development of the product. You can easily get a local development company to do the work.

Or if you are a bit concerned about the cost of the mobile development companies in the US then offshoring is an option. But remember if you are going into a market with stiff competition. Or if you are going for a narrow window of launching the app then you are better off going with an end to end app creation agency. That way time won’t be consumed in the communication of the plans.

Being Selective Is a Good Thing

There is plenty of great web and mobile app development company out there. Websites like Clutch have around 6000 companies listed on their site alone. See the market is primed for the buyers if you know how to look for it.

You should consider using reputable referral sites. Clutch for me is one of the best out there doing this. Their system of only putting reviews that are verified is good for anyone who is looking for a mobile app development company.

For their ranking method, they even utilize their own analytical assessments. Here they use clients and experience plus market presence as a key trait. So how can referral companies help you out? Well, the following will be passages on what you can gain out of using a referral site.

Client Review Follow-up:

So this is about making sure that the company you are looking at has verified 5-star reviews. Look for reviews of companies that had a similar product like yours. Then verify with the past client about the service.

This is due diligence. This is how you see if the company can actually supplement your vision and growth. Avoid any company that has a few bad reviews because you can never be certain of their promises. No matter how attractive they look, companies with dissatisfied clients mean that something is fishy there.

Checking If the Company Is Cost-Effective:

Now you are creating an app for your business. You don’t want to skim here with the budget given its importance. However, you don’t have to pay over the top in bills as well. Find out if the company is innovative enough to find solutions that are cost-effective.

The mobile app development company you choose should be your partner and hence not look to overcharge you at every turn. The best fit for you would to find a company that sees value in your idea. There are many development companies that took on projects even though it fell under their expected valuation.

These app development companies do this because they believe in your mission, and sees a future with you down the road. Or if they are experiencing a dull volume during recent times and needs work to stay afloat.

Hold Meeting with Potential App Development Partners:

Well, just because you saw someone’s online profile doesn’t mean they are good. Especially not when it concerns your business. So whenever you have made your shortlist of companies you should make sure to hold meetings with each of them.

Sharing Is a Must

So you have selected a few potential companies as your top choice for mobile app development. Now what you need to do is share your vision. You need to pitch your idea to them, make sure they understand your vision. After that evaluate their feedback.

If the feedback is to your liking, then you may move on to a more detailed discussion with the company. You must remember to issue a NDA or Non-disclosure agreement before discussing the idea if you own an Intellectual Property. Even if you are in doubt you should issue an NDA that way you stay risk-free.

After the NDA has been signed you need to make sure that you disclose every single detail about your idea and plan. This way the app development company will be able to understand your idea better. After that, they will be able to make an informed decision on the scope of work and whether they will be able to fulfill your requirements or not.

Remember if you withhold important information the company will not be able to provide you with an accurate quote. This may seem good initially with the billings being low and all but in the long run, it will cause a huge problem.

You may face problems like missed deadlines and incur cost overruns and may even face the risk of your idea failing. Remember if you can meet face to face then do it. It builds better relationships and also you get a clearer idea of the company and its belief in your idea.

Bid Review

Most people think that once the bid has come in all there is left is to evaluate the cost. Well, if you think that then you are wrong. Here you have to count in your due diligence again. Your goal is not to find the cheapest solution always remember that. You need to choose a company that offers the most cost-effective solution.

It may initially be costly but in the long run, turns out to be more cost-efficient and saves you a ton of money. That’s the sort of company you need to choose for your business’ app development. Once the bids come in, make sure you go over the proposals again see what is more beneficial to you in the long run then go ahead with choosing.

Additional Tips

So what makes a great company the best mobile app development company for you are some additional traits. This is how you separate the men from the boys you can say. So what are the additional traits? Well, the first one is “Fit”. What is it you may wonder. So basically what this means is how well the company fit in your vision.

Make sure you look at their eagerness for the idea and also see if they have the resources to complete it or not. You know you have found the best when the company you talk to has an interest in your idea from a point other than just revenue. Another trait you should be looking at is delivery time.

You have all the bids in your hand right now. You see that one company has a very low price but will start your work 3 months later. Another has a higher value bid but they are able to deliver the product at least 4 months before the rest of the companies. In these situations, often times people choose the lowest-cost bid.

This is where they are wrong. Delayed delivery means that your business has incurred opportunity cost meaning you are coming to the market later. And the company with a higher bid ensures that you have the speed to market delivery.

This means that you are able to come to market before the expected delivery which is simply value added to the company. As I have been saying all this time cost-effectiveness is the number one priority, not cost-saving.

Believe in The Idea, Back Yourself!

The process of finding a mobile app development company may seem like an arduous task but as you can see it is just filled with due diligence. All you need to do is just be calm composed and work towards your goal. If you follow those steps, then you are bound to end up with the best software development company that will be able to meet your criteria.

While these are some important steps you should not think that these are the only ones. You know your needs and requirements you may have unique demands and this might give you some additional steps just for you to follow. On the other hand, this uniqueness may cause you to lose a few steps and still be able to execute your product.

This is why you should make sure you understand and make a well thought out plan. Remember you need to believe in your idea more than anyone and then back yourself to fulfill it even if no one else backs you up.

With that being said, this is where I will be drawing the curtains. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Make sure to leave us with some feedback on what we should cover more. Till next time, Adios!