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History of Digital Marketing [A Brief Introduction]

Nazmul Reedan

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History of Digital Marketing [A Brief Introduction]

So you have been hearing the term Digital marketing for some time now and you have no idea what it is. Don’t worry! It’s nothing to complicated. Digital marketing is “Any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices.”  as Marketing Superstar Neil Patel put it.

The unprecedented rise of the internet has opened up a host of different marketing avenues for companies to exploit.

And nowadays traditional marketing is fast becoming an afterthought. If a company leaves out digital marketing strategies from their marketing plan then it is inevitable that they will be left behind by their competitors. Don’t worry, this article here is aimed at being an introduction to digital marketing for you. So without further ado, let us get into this.

How Digital Marketing Started

For you, to understanding anything you need to understand the basics. So let’s discuss the foundation of Digital and find out how it all started. Digital marketing has been around for a long time. However, it came into its own in the 2000's. This process was accelerated back in the ’80s. So here’s how it happened.

  • 1981- IBM introduces the world with its first personal computer.
  • 1989- Computer memory reaches 100 MB.
  • 1995- Internet user-base reaches 16 million.
  • 1996- Americans use the internet for 30 mins on average.
  • 2002- Internet users worldwide increase to 558 million.
  • 2004- Google becomes public, Facebook, Yelp, Gmail launches. People start comparing prices online for the first time.
  • 2005- YouTube Launches
  • 2006- Twitter Launches
  • 2007- The first iPhone is released. Smartphones give customers the power and tool to make any decision anywhere. This is the game-changing moment when the digital marketing boom began.
  • 2010- Within this time companies and people have made software for mobile, analytics, search, and social.
  • After 2010- People have moved on from technology being a novelty to technology being a necessity.

So all these events led to the boom of digital marketing in the world. As more and more time is spent on devices the digital marketing boom extends. On an average people now spend around 10 hours being immersed in technology a recent CNN report touted.

A Simple Breakdown of Digital Marketing

So now you know how this started. Let’s go in and break it down even more. So in a nutshell digital marketing is what you do online to capture the audience’s attention. How you guide the traffic to your business, or getting people on your email lists, or making a sale online or even downloading something from you. All these combined are the basics of digital marketing. The unique aspect of this type of marketing is that it is measurable, unlike traditional marketing.

Different Types Of Digital Marketing

So there are a few different ways you can conduct digital marketing for your business. Don’t worry since this is an introduction, it will be simple enough. So the following are the different types of digital marketing.

Social Media

An average human spends around 2 hours on social media a day, according to a Telegraph report. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest or anything else the list just goes on. And if you have a business then you can’t ignore that opportunity. You can easily promote your brand or solicit your business here. You can start to run promotions and advertise through Social media influence's.

You can also interact with customers directly and start creating a buzz around your business. One can purchase ad space on the social media platform as well. All these are ways you can use social media digital marketing for your business. So now it comes down to how much it would cost you. Well, most of the social media is free to use.

If you buy featured ads then it will cost a few bucks. Often times business owners hire an extra manager to handle the social media aspect of the business. So If you do that then there is an additional cost as well.


Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of raising your ranking or placement when a specific query is done. So if you sell Custom notebooks in Brooklyn and someone searches “Best custom notebook Brooklyn” then the ideal way for you to pop up would be at the top.

SEO is the Mechanics behind Digital Marketing. Often times it can seem like it is the only thing in Digital marketing. Check out our basic seo tips to know more.


Pay-per-click or PPC is basically the ads you see on the search engine results page or on a website. It is accompanied by a tag called sponsored. This is a pretty targetted way of paying for your ad.

You only need to pay for the number of times the ad was clicked. The cost of the ad though varies. It usually depends on what you are selling.

Public Relations

While PR isn’t a new thing or digital marketing thing, it needs to be mentioned. The consumers of today care about a brand with a human face. Communicating with brands has become the norm. PR like exposure is a valuable commodity nowadays. Brands fight tooth and nail to get good PR and exposure.

Navigating your business through the intricacies online can become hard, especially if your business is built on user-based reviews. This is why brands nowadays go out of their way to save their reputation. If you hire an expert then at a minimum it's going to set you about 125 dollars an hour. However, you can handle most of your PR yourself and that costs nothing.

Content Marketing

If SEO is considered the body of Digital marketing then this is the soul or heart. Content marketing uses SEO, social media marketing, and public relations all at once along with website content. For example, you making content on your website that you can also share on YouTube, blog, or tweet.

This way you can spread a wide net to search for your audience. You can do this on your own. But if you are hiring someone for this then remember it will set you back 3000-6000 dollars a month.

Email Marketing

This is directly marketing to your business consumers. Just email an ad or deal or any other information regarding your company to a mass of people. This is literally that simple. Just remember to incentivize the email and make sure it is innovative and engaging.

This type of digital marketing requires no additional cost as all you need are your hands to send the email.

Affiliate Marketing

Well, you what they say, teamwork makes the dream work. So this is basically a way to generate sales and revenue. You can bring in affiliates who will also sell your product and on every purchase, you share the profit.

This type of digital marketing practice has soared recently. If you do decide to do an affiliate program for your business then make sure you trust your affiliate partners. This is because you will have to share sensitive information.

Viral Marketing

The dark horse of digital marketing no one really knows how or what makes something viral. But if you are smart enough to capitalize then you can gain from marketing to the viral trend. If you can utilize the environment then your sales will sky-rocket in no time.

So make sure you look out for viral content and try making viral content yourself. Think about what people want and then try to execute those ideas.

Make A Digital Marketing Strategy

This concludes our introduction to digital marketing. All the basics of Digital marketing have been covered. Make sure you study up and find a suitable strategy for your business. You would need a combination of all the type of marketing to have some success.

This is why it is imperative that you implement a digital marketing strategy for your brand. Make sure you outline all the important points. This will show you how much you are spending on each sector and what return and KPI is expected. So, let us know which style of digital marketing strategy have you been implementing and comment down below if we have missed anything. Thank You!