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Why Dark Theme is Good for All Kind of Users?

Tanzil Ahamed

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Why Dark Theme is Good for All Kind of Users?

As a UI/UX designer its a challenging part for me to choose the best option.I think both are best. Light and Dark doesn't matter its all up to me. Every color has its own properties. But nowadays DARK UI become so popular. Even in Android 10 the make a huge update after adding the Dark theme option.

Dark color become popular because of its flexibility and stylish look. It make a premium look on web and app. And another thing is, there are so many people who worked in night 80% of them use night mode for their flexibility.

It give us a comfortable feel for our eyes. in night its a best thing to use Dark mode. Lets see why Dark become better then Light:

The dark themes started out to be triumphant after the Mojave replace became launched. The darkish aspect draws customers and global-recognized organizations have released software program updates with dark subject matters.

Isn’t simply popular with megalomaniacal Jedi knights – it additionally has pretty a following amongst regular net customers. some humans much like the vibe, at the same time as others use dark theme, especially because they’re supposed to lessen eye pressure and save battery.

The Benefits of Dark Mode

Eye Relax

Dark themes are higher for your eyes now and again, however not all the time. excessive-comparison colour like black, which clearly absorbs wavelengths rather than reflecting them. In phrases of clarity. This comes down to the houses of colouration, mild, and human iris. White basically reflects every wavelength inside the colouration spectrum, this means that our irises don’t need to open wide to take insufficient light, leaving them in their natural shape.

Because the lens isn’t being deformed by means of a wider iris, we are able to see matters greater sharply, especially an excessive-evaluation color like black, which honestly absorbs wavelengths rather than reflecting them.

OLED screens

Some other cause is the innovations behind displays. The modern flagship fashions of telephones in a maximum of the instances have OLED displays that do not require a backlight as within the case with LCDs.

Battery life

Additionally, that is something that improves your battery existence. So darkish pixels do no longer drain your battery that a good deal as on liquid crystal display wherein it's pure light the entire screen, even though a maximum of its miles black.

Looks Cool

So if you or your users into Sci-fi and Cyberpunk movies then Dark mode makes your apps and web look cool and futuristic. I believe this is something that we can use in the marketing strategies of products.

Why the Developers Use the Dark Theme?

It is counted that over 70% of software engineers are coding on  Dark Theme IDE’s, if you take a look on popular coding environment theme downloads, you will always find that top 10 themes are dark.

Dark theme in IDE

It is really strange for Designers because everyone knows that making something publicly available in Dark background and with colored text is a very bad idea. But with coding your brain working all the time and you need to put your eyes to auto-pilot, to make a coding experience longer.

Why I Prefer Dark Theme?

If you like the use of dark themes, i will say go for it! anything makes your eyes satisfied or satisfies your aesthetic fancy but I will say that if you thought about saving your battery dark mode is not the solution, only OLED screens can save your charge. So don't relate it with this. The dark mode looks so futuristic and cool. You will get luxurious feelings. I use it for my workplace and don't only dark themes my workplace is dark. I don't like more light. In dark mode, It gives me pleasure.

As a homework try and look on some thing white long term and then go outside. it might be hard if you want to undertake your eyes into a brand new surroundings, but with darker screen you don’t need adoption, because your eyes now not spending that match power on stressful light from darkish screen.

The main thing is its really good things for your health and many other as i told in it. it's really up to your choice and your comfort zone.