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The Process Of Finding The Best Software Development Company



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The Process Of Finding The Best Software Development Company

With the advent of the internet, progress has been fast-tracked for us as a civilization. A rat race for digitization is going. This is the way of the future. So now businesses either are rushing in to integrate or build their businesses around the internet.

With more than half the world’s population using the internet it is the smartest and the next logical step to take for anyone. However, your expertise may not be in software development.

So how do you digitize your business? Well, there are companies that offer software development services which you can utilize to build a digitized business. So you may be wondering, “How do I choose a software development company?”.

Well, believe it or not, there is a process in identifying how a custom software development company can complement your skill set and business. But before you try to find the right software development company you should know what software development company brings to your business.

So basically the goal of a software development company is to provide satisfactory digitization of the business processes. They also should be providing you with constant support and innovation on product development. Your goal is providing great customer experience while also making the business process smoother for your business.

This sort of optimization and development capabilities are a must in any good custom software development company. However, you also have to temper expectations. Often times businesses force software development to fast-track development which is highly risky and often results in below-par results. You should be making up realistic goals and achievable milestones for you and the software development company.

Finding The Right Software Development Company

So you need to find the best custom software development company right? How do you define best? It is not as simple as typing “best software development company in the US”. Software development companies are unique while there are plenty of them around not all will be able to provide you with the service you require.

On top of that when you find the ones that will be all the software development companies won’t be up to your standards. This is because what may be best for you might not be best for everyone. So first you need to know what you need. Then make a short list of top software development companies in the US that can cater to your needs.

You do this by first looking through recommendations. Find companies, then look up their recommendations and portfolio see if the work on similar projects were up to standards or not. Use websites like Clutch which has verified reviews for their users. You can use those reviews and follow up on the company and make sure that the reviews are legitimate.

Key Criteria For The Best Software Development Company

So basically there are five basic criteria that every good software development company should have. This is because these are the essentials of the sector. The following is a list of the criteria that your software development partner should have.

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Technological Expertise
  • Talent
  • Cost Effectiveness

So these are the basic traits of the company, and to give you a better Idea I will elaborate on it in the passages below.


There are many businesses who prefer to save cost rather than have quality. Quality not only in performance but in other aspects is key for any good software or web development company. You should be looking if they have the proper documentation, satisfactory follow-up on clients, availability of resources, and also their portfolio.

Make sure to do your due diligence and get some feedback from the clients of the company. And lastly, You should definitely make sure that the coding that is being done is exemplary.


In a fast-changing sector if you are not flexible then you are dead. This is especially true for software development companies. The company should be able to keep up with the ever-changing market and technology. Adapting to adverse situations and being able to provide you with innovations utilizing the latest technology is what you should be looking for.

Software development companies that can do this are good companies. With a good software development company, you will see that the pricing is flexible because different situations demand different implementation and logistics. Look for companies that implement Agile/Scrum method in their company structure. This is a clear indication of a flexible company.

Technological Expertise:

A software development company is basically a technology company. And you are looking for a technology partner. So it is imperative that your software development company has a lot of technical expertise that pertains to your needs and beyond.

Being a software development company they should be able to have a grasp of the current technological trends. They should be able to utilize the latest technological tools, languages, approaches, and methods and incorporate them within the system.


A business is only good as its people. Your software development company should have the talent to overcome any challenges that may arise when working.

The team which looks for talent and has a knowledge base, overall dedication, the great number of skills — these are the factors that play a major role for this criterion. Make sure you get to know the team involved in your development team to get a better idea.

Cost Effectiveness:

You should never go for the cheapest option when it comes to choosing a software development companies. Choosing cheap now will only hamper your business in the long run. I am not telling you to go for the most expensive option out there as well.

What you need to make sure is to choose a company that is the most cost-effective for you according to the market and your needs. When working with the cheapest option clients usually face a few common problems. One of them is technological debt. This is basically the inability to complete the basic requirements detailed in the “quality” section.

Another major problem is sharing the source code. Good companies will always share the source code for the product. If the source code is guarded then it means that they are making the code which you will not own but you are still paying for it. Lack of communication is a major sign of a bad company.

If the company is not transparent with the terms of service. Or if the members have bad English and mismanaged outsourcing this means that they are just there to make money from you and nothing else.

Additional Traits for A Good Software Development Company

While the above-mentioned traits make up a great software development there are additional traits that make a great software company the best. So basically the additional traits boil down to a passion for learning new skills, excellent communication skills and an eagerness to communicate all the details to ensure a more coherent plan of action.

And finally discipline. I will elaborate on the following traits in the passages below so that you get a clearer view of what you should be looking for.

Eagerness For The New:

So with a passion for learning new things a software development company is able to distinguish themselves from the rest. This is because of the nature of the sector right now. The platforms are ever-changing with new innovations and technologies being infused in them regularly.

Having the eagerness to learn something new every time makes for a company that is flexible and adaptable to adversities that may come during development. Your development team should be proactively looking to integrate new technologies to make the service better.

Exceptional Communication:

Communication as I stated above, is a vital factor to consider when you are choosing a software development company. However, exceptional communication skills are hard to come by. So what can be considered as exceptional communication skills?

Well, the need to understand what your goals are asking poignant questions and also making sure to give you realistic goals which are achievable in the short term and shows how they can build upon each goal.

Another thing is the fact that the software development company is eager to show and explain the development process and progress. Also, make sure that you don’t hire a “Yes Man”. This can be crippling to your product and is a sign that the company is not that good.


Discipline is an amazing trait which will allow you to judge the quality of the company. Say you have selected a company from your shortlist. Now you have had your meeting with the software development company and have set a date for a demo.

Now, a good software development company will make sure you get your demo on the day it was promised. On the due date whether there is a hurricane, a flood, a fire they will make sure you receive your product.

If your software development company shows this trait it means that they are disciplined enough in their work to deliver on promises. This way you will be able to analyze the results and give them the new requirements for the project. This type of teamwork ensures the utmost efficiency in product development.

Some Traits Clients Should Be Looking To Change

Self-reflection is a trait that goes far in the development of oneself and a business. This is why here we will take some time to reflect some light on client behaviors which are harmful to their business when working with a software development company.

We already finished discussing the traits that a custom software development company should and should not have. Since this is a partnership it is only fair to look at the client side to make sure that the development of the business is optimized to its full potential.

There are three basic traits that any client should discard if they have it. The traits are:

  • Believing that one product fits all business ends
  • Failing to Communicate With the Software development company
  • Not Fully Trusting the opinion of the software company

False Beliefs:

One of the biggest mistakes clients commit is that when they see a past product that is similar to their they believe that the same thing applies to their product. This is a dangerous thought and can even lead to destroying the project.

Any new project means that there are new requirements and new technologies required with a set of new adverse climate to tackle. The story for each project is always different as the set of rules change very often. So make sure that if you believe that this is the case then to change this habit.

Communication Failure:

Another crippling thought process many clients have is that once they have found the best software development company they are done with the work. That is never the case. Life does not work that way. Developing the project is a joint venture.

You know what you want the product to be and the development company knows how to make it. This marriage needs to be a two marriage. With you providing a detailed list of the desired features, while also keeping in touch and controlling the progress made by the company.

You know what the customer wants and it is your prerogative to ensure that the developers know it too. See finding the software development company is the first step. Once you have the right fit for your development company then the real hard work begins.


For any partnership to work you need to have trust between both parties. If you cannot cooperate or fully trust your software development company odds are the project will fail regardless of how amazing the development team is or the idea is.

Trust is the golden rule for any relationship personal or professional. This is even more true in the case of a software development company and its vendor. If you are exercising too much control it will stifle the creativity and halt innovation not to mention the fact that it make the morale of the team low.

While customer demand is the law of the land for any good software development company making it too strict only hamper the development and you will suffer as a result.

Perfect Match

Finding the best software development company depends on you finding the perfect fit for your needs. It is not necessary that you have to work with the top software developer companies in the US. You need to look for the traits that have been mentioned in the passages above.

Finding balance and synergy with your custom software development company will yield amazing results for you. This is why you should do your due diligence and be quite thorough on your selection process.

That being said it brings us to the end of this discussion. Hope it will help you find the software development company of your dreams and wish you all the success in your business endeavors. We would love to hear from you and is looking forward to your thoughts on this topic.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions or if we missed something. Also, let us know what you would like to read more about in the comments below. Till then this is the curtain call, I will see you next time. Au Revoir!